Two Members of ASEC were on Classical Music Performance



Friday, November 22, 2013. That was a precious time to watch the real concert of final project (academic purpose) of one of ASEC  member, Syamsul Rizal, student of Music of Institute of The Art Yogyakarta. The name of event was “Konser Karya Tugas Akhir: Komposisi Musik” . There were two performacers, team of  Syamsul Rizal and Kharisma M.

Syamsul Rizal is a Bantenese and played music since he was 16 years old. He fpcus on guitar. He have performed in many great events Peuting-peuting (Trio Gitar), Suatu Hari (Chamber), Kos Abunawas No 17 (Quintet Brass), Pencarian (Quartet Gitar), Anak Kecil (String Quartet), and Jalan Raya (Quartet Woodwind).

In this concert, Syamsul was the conductor. He was not alone played with Roby , other ASEC member, who played violin. This team were consist of 40 players included violinist, celloist,  contra bassist, flute player, oboe player, clarinet player, bassonist, horn playe, trumpet player, tuba, etc. This music also combined with the modern taste of electric guitar.

ASEC supports all creativity of Indonesian young people. It is not an impossible thing if we could meet Syamsul, Roby, and their team will be a great musicians someday. VIVA!!!!



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