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Please introduce one of ASEC (Actual Smile English Club) official programme named ISG (IELTS STUDY GROUP). A fun way to beat ILETS with a senior or expert. Please visit the blog of the programme to know it further:

This programme is a batch-designed-programme so that make sure that you pay attention and register yourself as soon as possible to get a chance as we received many participants who want it. Be ASEC member also to make easier way by add your individual account to our group. Becausei it is secret now, please mention @ASECOfficial to let us know your intention. Big thanks (a way to say thanks in ASEC).

Best regards,

ASEC (Actual Smile English Club) Official

with best honour to the ISG founders:

Mr. Riza Fadholi Pasha, Ms. Niken Rarasati, and Ms. Ami Sulasmi


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Group: ASEC (Actual Smile English Club)


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