ARD Geoscience & Demand with Agra Adipta


Friday, 13th October 2017 was a good day for ASEC having this inspirative discussion with Agra Adipta (former President of Society of Exploration Geophysicist UPN “Veteran” Student Chapter).

With his experience on various competition and forums internationally especially in USA and nationally, he delivered at least three kind of mindsets exist in Geoscience world. According to his experience he stated that finance orientation, science orientation, and proficient orientation are those exist in real life. 

Beside inspiring people by his competition winning, he has also written some publication. Interesting, the forum discussed how he could do it, the impact, and how the output can be useful for society further like his research done in one of area in Kebumen. 

We do hope Agra’s spirit also could be spread on you and other youths. One more youth convinced us that he could do something meaningful. 

Curious on our next ARD? 

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All photos credit: ASEC (Actual Smile English Club) 

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