My Day, My Adventure of Mind in APUF7 2019


I am Leon and I am proud to be Indonesian. Frankly speaking, I found a new beauty as ASEC (Actual Smile English Club) delegate in other part of a country. What was it?  Penang, a beautiful city with the full of diversity. I can say it has its uniqueness.  First time I visited this place made me amazed and waa astonished throughout the journey. This city was so green and clean. No wonder Penang then to be the host of APUF7. This was the first time for me to attend the official event from UN (United Nations). It was amazing and outstanding.

Asia Pasific Urban Forum was the part of UN agenda to assemble all stakeholders in discussing about urban issues. There were 3 components discussion. They were urban territory, urban resilience and urban finance. There was leaders dialogue that have talked about those issues I mentioned before. All stakeholders should work hand in hand in order to achieve SDGs, from Government until Grassroots.

The thing I know now that National Physical Plan is not the only government’s task but all of us because urban issues are also our issues.
On the other hand, there are also urban innovation in separated rooms. One of the rooms that I entered was informal economy topic that has connection with my study background in Faculty of Economics. I got so many knowledge, insights, and all the new ideas that come up in the forum. Informal economy gave so much contribution to the country’s GDP. Formal and informal should meet in the middle in order to facing the hard way to formalize informal economy. The other room was about population data. I just knew that resolving the high of population in the region can be used of population data. Society should be given any understatement to make them realize about the condition in their area.

All of those adventures I got from a good network to join. A community which focused on youth development since 2011. ASEC is the great platform for everyone to be part of it. It supported my journey too to APUF7 which I will always remember. And I encourage young people to embrace themselves in involving such kind of this event and make a change. You don’t have to be afraid about your English too. Once you step forward, you will realize the beauty of small steps. I proved it. For example, urban issues are not far away from climate change issues. As the young people, we also have to make change in environment for the better living in our society. I am sure this is not my stop. The wider and greater adventures are on the way.

Writer : Leon Dolfus

Editor : ASEC Official

Photos : Leon Dolfus

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