ASEC is Actual Smile English Club that is created on September 29, 2011 by Emmy Yuniarti Rusadi (Engineering Faculty, UGM) and we will give the highest appreciation to Teguh Puji Widianto (Mathematic and Natural Science Faculty, UGM) who remembering Emmy’s ideas in making an English activity several years ago. Idea doesn’t work without practice. ASEC believes that fun learning English could help you to share your brilliant ideas globally. English is all about make habits, and it is not instantly comes. We learni together in here, so don’t be shy!

As the first English community movement online based with unique value, we also have some meetings or discussions forum with young speakers or partners routinely. Please keep update on.



What does ASEC stand for?

>>Actual Smile English Club

What is ASEC?

>>The first online based English community with its unique value and movement

What is ASEC purpose?

>>Making habits by using English

>>Making young people be brave to share and express the brilliant ideas by English

>>Motivate the young people to grab future opportunity by student exchange, international event, international and national scholarship, leadership events, and other youth activity

How to join?

>>by Facebook Group

click completely our name: ASEC (Actual Smile English Club)

Is it free?


What should I do after the admin approved me in the group?

>>Please read the About, Files, Photos in the above part of the group page. Find out the note of registration, fill it

>>Introduce yourself in the forum ?

>>Keep contribute by joining our agendas, acivities, etc. You can post some inspiring things, post the infos. Please use English.

>>Be an active member. Do not only passive, then you can grab your future!

What kind of benefits are there being ASEC member?

1. Keep your money

2. National and global networking

3. Getting national or international online coaching clinic

4. Meet the young talendted people from Indonesia and native speaker as spare-partner in using your English in ASEC REAL DISCUSSION or ASEC FEVER

5. Getting motivation as Indonesian young people to contribute more to this nation

6. Getting live online discussion with young experts or talented people

7. Getting a part being ASEC Volunteer and be yourself!

8. Doing Medici Effect by multidiciplinary connections

Could I suggest people to be member too?

Yes, absolutely

What kind of activity ASEC has?

1. ASEC REAL DISCUSSION (every Friday, 3.30pm-5.30pm)

2. ASEC E-DISCUSSION (every Saturday, 3.30pm-5.30pm)

3. ASEC COACHING CLINIC (frequent asking point by member to the ASEC Structure to help the event requirements sugesstion etc). Please contact us more by sending your email to asec.official@gmail.com about this

4. ASEC OPEN RECRUITMENT (will be held annually)

5. ASEC FEVER (One of ASEC activity to make any ASEC BRANCH in other city or campus. If you want to duplicate ASEC value by ASEC BRANCH’s name, contact us by email to asec.official@gmail.com)

6. ASEC GATHERING ( It could be orable prica meet and greet moment between ASEC Structure and the members or doing any together vacation by an affordable price)

Should I know ASEC terms? What are these?

Yes, in making more clear understanding in doing the activity. Here are some terms in ASEC:

  1. ASEC Structure

Some people who manage the routine agendas and events of ASEC. Mainly consist by CEO, Secretary, Financial treasure

  1. ASEC Central

Structure in Yogyakarta, who manage all the branch and the main agenda of ASEC


Duplication of ASEC in any region, city, or campus. Until September 2012, we have 3 branches, they are ASEC BRANCH-UB (University of Brawijaya in Malang), ASEC BRANCH EGG )in Salatiga, ASEC BRANCH East Kalimantan (in Samarinda). They have a Facebook Group too. Member is more specific. Contact us for any more question by email.

  1. CEO

ASEC Central or Branch’s leader

  1. Founder

Person who created ASEC. Please watch our video for a detail information.


REAL DISCUSSION= real meeting, real discussion, meet one another in a serie of discussion. Held every Friday at 3.30pm-5.30pm or in a special occasion. See the poster in Facebook Group to keep update.


An online discussion held in Facebook Group of ASEC (central). Held every Saturday at 3.30pm-5.30pm or in a special occasion. See the poster in Facebook Group to keep update.


An activity to make ASEC BRANCH. It could be a kind of mini seminar, motivation class, and other creative meeting/forum.


Time getting closer between ASEC Structure and the members. Goes vacation also is a choice ?


Some persons who contributed his/her ideas and effort in ASEC in the first time we build. Also consist by the previous ASEC Structure who have been changed by new structure.

  1. The poster

We really rare to produce printed paper poster because we believe it is time to motivate the member and others to reduce paper using. That is why make sure you keep update on every agenda by Facebook Group and oour poster.


If you find out the leaflets of ASEC. There is an icon in the right bottom page. This means “ Do not trash, give this leaflet to others after you read NEATLY”

  1. Big Thanks”

ASEC’s way to say “thank you”

  1. No need. That’s my job as a friend”

ASEC’s way to say “you are welcome”

  1. Don’t be shy”

This is one of ASEC’s motto to motivate member and young people to be brave expressing something, especially by using and practicing English

  1. Asseeekkkk!!!! (1a, 2s, 3e, 4k)

This is one of cheers’ statement as the motto of ASEC too. Just say it, and little bit scream ?