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It is a so-familiar-drama which tells people especially youths to keep their eyes to watch. We can guess what is the hype? Yes! START UP! A Korean drama that combines drama with science even investment inside. There are at least 4 persons as the main actresses and actors. Let’s count on them, Seo Dal Mi, Nam Do San, Han Ji Pyeong and Wo In Jae. For those who haven’t watched this serial yet, you can also access it trough TvN official website or simply goes to Twitter too to connect with many KPop-ers who share the info. Note that watch the legal one is a must since TvN generously share it to public too.

What we wanna talk here is not the romance of those also conflicts appreared, but what interested lessons beside the good performance from the actors/actressess.

Source : TvN

There is a big energy of youth to develop. Once we find any ability to do, do not think that it is too small to continue. What we should do next is finding other person to listen to our ideas to grow together, make something, here at least a product. But, in the general life cycle, product is not only can be thought as a thing to sell, but more than that, a benefit for people. Money is one of the asset to manage, but value is more than that.

Seo Dal Mi with its charm, has a strong courage to show her best while in doubt. On the other side, there Nam Do San, a genious of programming but sometimes get trouble with his own life. Wo In Jae, the real sister of Seo Dal Mi (separated by their parents’ divorce) looks so ambitious but has an exact target. Too firm to be called, but can maintain situation with no more talking. Last, the investor and financial genious, Han Ji Pyeong who shows us a character of firmness too, saying rude on some cases but hide nothing as gimmick.

Source : TvN
Source : TvN
Source : TvN
Source: TvN

Once I meet a person who is extremely watch all the episode, so far there are 12 parts, she said she really likes Seo Dal Mi. Are you wanting like Seo Dal Mi too? Or if you can choose who you want to be between them, which one you choose? And why?

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