CONGRATULATION for the New Structure of ASEC 2014!



After the selection process that contains of form submission and an interview, we gladly announce these buddies to be the New Structure of ASEC family 2014.

Congratulation! 🙂

Please note that we have met all the applicants in the interview section, thus we have tried our best to decide what position would best suit on each person. So, do not worry if you are not in the position you want that much. You can still contribute to ASEC at everything 🙂

Announcement: All new structures are kindly requested to come at the first gathering that would be held on Sunday, March 23, 2014 in Balairung Utara UGM Yogyakarta.

the New Structure of ASEC 2014 are as follows:

No Name Institution Major Position
1 Melinda Kurniati UGM English Secretary
2 Intan Amandita UGM Accounting Program Officer
3 Septiana Rizki Fauziah UGM Ed. of Doctor Public Relation
4 Dyah Kurniasih Nurazizah UGM Computer Science Media Affairs
5 Kharizsa Imamara UGM Industrial Eng. Public Relation
6 Shabrina Rakha’siwi C. UGM Nursing Program Officer
7 Anggita Arum Pertiwi UGM Accounting Finance Treasurer
8 Kiki Tristi Mutiarasari UGM Physics Eng. Media Affairs
9 Bagus Yosan Setiawan UPN Chemical Eng. Program Officer


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