ASEC 4th HBD & Inspirative Talks


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ASEC (Actual Smile English Club) is now growing. Let’s celebrate with an inspirative talks and gathering. Then stop on it? NO! Use the inspiration and MOVE!


Tuesday, 29Th September 2015 at 2.30 p.m till drop


Cafe Tenongan (The orange cafe, behind Pondok Cabe, Jln.C.Simanjuntak, near Mirota Kampus, Yogyakarta, Indonesia)


Yes! But it is suggested to bring your own pocketmoney to get some meals.

Could I invite my friends?

Absolutely yes you could! Spread the info and luckyness will go to you to get some voucher for meals at the cafe. This event is for everyYOUNG!

What I get from this ASEC 4th HBD & Inspirative Talks?

Meet and Greet with ASEC Great Buddies and partners. The seakers are so powerful in making their dreams come true. You? We do hope you can lead your mind and follow their way. Get the tips and tricks guys 🙂

  1. Novia Fadhilla Sari (CEO KAYONARA, Delegate of COP 19 in Warsaw, Polland
  2. Gisneo Pratala Putra (Co Founder/CEO Circustudio,Inc, GM Bimasakti UGM in JSF SAE, Japan 2014

Confirmation needed?

Absolutely 🙂

Send your fullname_cp_twitter

CP: 0856-4307-1329 (Yosan)

Please follow us @ASECOfficial

So see ya ASEC Great Buddies!.

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