Young Leaders for Indonesia (YLI) by McKinsey 


You must be curious on how leaders were born. Here is the one way. ASEC has experienced with this through a project model delivered by its alum, Astrini Novi (FEB UGM). She was ASEC Finance&Treasure staff in our structure (2012). She began to make any capacity building in ASEC. Here is what she said about YLI:

“Hi ASEC buddies, lead your dreams into vision, lead your goals into reality. YLI will help you to improve your skill and inspire you by involving in the community.

There is no room for doubt and inferioity to be a part of YLI community. Please register yourself.”

Kindly check also the video from YLI Wave 7 (year 2015) alumni here:

Can’t wait to apply for? Please do! 

ASEC member is openly asked for any recommendation letter from us. Just please leave your request and your CV to:

Good luck! 

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