[WOW!] One of Member of ASEC becoming a National Author!




Hello, friends! Let me introduce you myself. My name is Martga Bella Rahimi. I used to be called as Mimi. Now, I am studying in Medicine Faculty of Andalas University (Unand). Although I come from Padang city, Alhamdulillah I have been trusted as ASEC public relation centered in Yogyakarta in 2013.


(See left with purple hijab)

I still remember, it was in February 2013. My friends and I, as the representatives of Unand, were preparing ourselves for participating in the International Microbiology and Immunology Competition held in Thailand. The worries flew in me. How come it didn’t? The last time I actively used my English was 4 years ago, when I was in senior high school in 2009. Over the last 4 years, I have never practiced my English at all. While we all know that the key of fluency in any language is the repeated practices over and over again.

While the worries still on, I tried to find the solution. At least, I have to push away the worries and if possible, I also have to remedy my English skill again in that short time. Fortunately, I found an opportunity to join as a part of a national organization. I immediately fit up the requirements to be delivered to the selection committee. Unexpectedly, on February 22, it was announced that I passed the administrational selection and had to prepare for the interview selection. All of those things happened so fast and in February 28, 2013, I was officially being part of this organization.

 It was the Actual Smile English Club (ASEC), my first national-scaled organization, which could calm my anxieties about the poor English skill I had. Not only did it calm my anxiety, but it also facilitated me and other members to practice our English skill. With the identity as “ASEC member”, I was confident enough to go Thailand for representing Unand.

That time, my belief that ASEC will be able to be a big organization grew stronger as I saw the rapid response ASEC showed for condition-development. It was proved in April 3, 2013, at 15.30 to 17.30, when I was given the opportunity to be a speaker in e-discussion which is the ASEC routine agenda.

I was so moved and proud to be a part of ASEC, an organization that is considerate and potential to be a great organization. Now, it turns out that day was not a mere fad, but it was the character and identity  of ASEC, that ASEC is an organization that keeps growing better and facilitate many people to keep sharing. Including me, who is trusted once more by ASEC and Rumah Mimpi (RM) to be present in Yogyakarta, Bogor, and Lampung for “The 2015 Greatest Student Event, Student Optimization #SetengahDewa Roadshow” that will be held in 20 University in Indonesia from August 23 till September 26, 2015.

Not only be ready as a host, but ASEC and RM also be willing to open the event and facilitate the Mahasiswa ½ Dewa book Launching, published by Kompas Gramedia Group, that will be published 2 books at a time in this June 29, 2015 (visit www.setengahdewa.com for more information).

From the bottom of my heart, I declare that I am proud to be part of ASEC big family. ASEC… asseeekkkk!!

See you soon ^^

Regards, #SetengahDewa

*)photo credit: Martga Bella Rahimi (Mimi)


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