Philosophy of Sakura Flowers [ASEC GO WRITING PROGRAMME]


Philosophy of Sakura Flowers

by: Rindang Diannita

ASEC (Actual Smile English Club ) Member

Have you ever imagined if you are on vacation in Japan or Korea and enjoy the Spring, the Sakura flowers are blooming along the way? Yay! Difficult to imagine and certainly very enjoyable especially for those who are fans of  Japan or Korea.

Previously, have you been familiar with Sakura flowers? Typical Japanese flowers only bloom in a view days. It is the national flower of Japan blooms in the Spring, around the beginning of April until the end of April. Sakura can be seen everywhere in Japan. The character of it can be shown in a wide variety of consumer goods, including kimono, stationery, and kitchen utensils. For the Japanese, Sakura flowers is an important symbol, which is often associated with women, life, death, and also a symbol to express the bond between humans, courage, sadness, and joy.

But here I will describe the philosophy of Sakura flower. It becomes a metaphor for traits that are not eternal life but important to Japanese people. Sakura blooms once a year and always be waiting to be seen by Japanese, immortalized in the form of photographs, created the animation and movies, novels, songs, even Sakura Flower Association of Japan, and a rare opportunity of picnic under the Sakura tree to enjoy Sakura bloom. It signifies Sakura flowers really meaningful for the people of Japan, though it blooms only once a year and easily fall.

Sakura also warned that things would pass and have the opposite. There is sadness, there is joy. There’s life, there comes a time to die. There was a time broke beautifully and there are times when falling. And that’s what did the Sakura flowers bloom to provide beauty for the souls of Japan. That’s why Japanese Society gathered together to celebrate with, through the park while doing meditation and enjoy a meal under the Sakura tree. The celebration, known as “Hanami”.

These all are the philosophies of Sakura flower, would you be like Sakura flowers? That in future all people, useful for everyone? We can learn much from beautiful Sakura flowers. Let’s be like Sakura Flowers!


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