[ASEC GO WRITING] Love Rain : One View of Korean Drama

love rain

Love Rain : One View of Korean Drama


Dwiansari Ramadhani

ASEC Media Affair


Hi buddies~

Any of you like to watch Korean Dramas very much? I do. Do not underestimate them if you even never watch once.

Well, for now, I would like to share one of recommended K-Drama that I watched a while ago, entitled “Love Rain”. Perhaps some of you watched it before, since it has been aired on March, 2012 and contains by 20 episodes.

Love Rain tells about ‘love at the first sight’. I know it sounds silly, but this kind of love does exist in this drama. I remember the very first utterance came out from Seo In Ha (Jang Geun Seok) when he saw Kim Yoon He (Im Yoon Ah) : “One, two, three… Only on three seconds, I’m falling in love.” Those two people were in a love line. They even committed to be a couple. But then, they had to be apart for an incident, and could not say ‘good bye’ properly.

Time flies. They lived apart for about 30 years. They grew and married with person they loved and was given a child for each. Thanks God, I think it is not a coincidence that they met for the first time after these 30 years. They were happy for seeing each mature faces yet did not change at all. Now, they often seeing each other and committed to be together once more, then married soon. The problem is that Seo Joon, In Ha’s son was in relationship with Ha Na, Yoon He’s daughter. At first, they did not know this. However, the truth would be revealed no matter what. They were on a big confusion, as same as Seo Joon and Ha Na. Ha Na who loved her mother very much, and placed her mother’s happiness upon hers was hurt. She did not want to be apart from Seo Joon. On the other hand, she knew that In Ha was her mother’s first love she had been looking for.

For a very long time later, In Ha realized that his marriage with Yoon Hee would hurt so many people he loved. After for a long consideration, he decided to lose his love on behalf of her son. Yoon He also agreed that Ha Na’s happiness is the most important upon all the things in this world.

This is a happy-ending story. Just guess what it would be, will you? J

Well yeah, what I want to share is the value of this drama. I know that real love does exist inside our heart, but we have to sacrifice ours if it doesn’t run what it should be. Life is about sacrificing, buddies. I really appreciate in how they lose on their real love for the sake of the others’ happiness. So, sometimes life does not run according to our expectation. In addition, a real love is not always meant to be together 🙂


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