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Hallo Great Buddies!



After checking with many considerations, we are pleased to announce the participants below to do interview session. The interview will be done in Billingual. Please check your name correctly and we also confirmed you by sms about the detail schedule and venue. We would like to highly appreciate to participants from outside of Yogyakarta to be part of us in this session:


Name Name of Institute


1  Agustia Arum Larasari UGM 22/2/20134.30PM
2  Rahayu Dewi Kurnianingsih UI 23/2/2013PHONE: 7 P.M
3 Didit Setyo Pamuji UGM 23/2/20134.00PM
4 Zulfikar Hafist Adji Pradana UTY 23/2/20134.15PM
5 Lathifa UGM 22/2/20134.45PM
6 M.Shokhi UI 23/2/2013PHONE: 8 P.M
7 Martga Bella Rahimi ANDALAS 22/2/2013PHONE : 7 P.M
8  Puthut Andrian Syahroni ISI 23/2/20134.30PM
9 Rhapsanty Propeliena UTY 22/2/20135.00PM
10 Rindang Diannita­­­­­­­­­ Surya Global 23/2/20134.00PM
11  Ristyan Nova Susanti UTY 22/2/20135.15PM
12 Ronald Adrian UGM 23/2/20134.15PM
13 Satrio Aji UGM 23/2/20134.45PM
14 Imam Jayanto UII 23/2/20134.30PM


15  Yunita Anggi Qurnia Pratami Surya Global 23/2/20134.45PM

Participants do not need to print out your CV or documents because our principle to reduce paper using and save more energy.

Please prepare well and good luck!

Keep Asseeekkkk with ASEC!!!



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