ASEC Central Open Recruitment Final Result


Hallo Great Buddies!


We are pleased to announce the names below as our New Structure of ASEC Central. Congratulations!

For you guys in Yogyakarta, there is a gathering with this schedule:

Date: March, 2, 2013

Time: 10:30 am (on time)

Meeting Point: Tugu Teknik, Faculty of Engineering, UGM

CP: 0878 3485 9655

Please confirm to the CP about your attendance.


Keep spirit for Indonesian young people!!!!

No. Name Name of Institute Position
1  Agustia Arum Larasari UGM Public Relations
2  Rahayu Dewi Kurnianingsih UI Public Relations
3 Didit Setyo Pamuji UGM Photografer&Documentation
4 Zulfikar Hafist Adji Pradana UTY Graphic Designer
5 Lathifa UGM Finance Treasure
6 M.Shokhi UI Finance Treasure
7 Martga Bella Rahimi ANDALAS Public Relations
8  Puthut Andrian Syahroni ISI Graphic Designer
9 Rhapsanty Propeliena UTY Secretary
10 Rindang Diannita­­­­­­­­­ Surya Global Programme Officer
11  Ristyan Nova Susanti UTY Public Relations
12 Satrio Aji UGM Media
13  Yunita Anggi Qurnia Pratami Surya Global Programme Officer
Big thanks and see you at the gathering!
ASEC Central Structure 2011-2013


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