ASEC Capacity Building


An understanding in building ASEC character to the structures, ASEC held a special class for them. It is a special facility for the structure to increase their skill in negotiation, communication, organization, management, etc. It is held as support and development from one of previous ASEC Structure, Astrini Novi, as ASEC proud of her also by her joining in YLI McKinsey 2015. A s a youth, she has a bravery to change and follow up the dream of ASEC to become bigger and to spread more impact on Indonesia young people wider. Every big step begins from small step. ASEC has never give up with challenge till now. There is always a dream to hold, as Indonesia young people hold. Here are some documentations we make and can’t wait too long to watch the mini films of us 🙂 Big thanks everyone!



Photo credit : ASEC (actual Smile English Club)


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