To be Young, To be Inspirative, Spread It!


Hi ASEC Great Buddies,

it is an honour to be part of Gerakan Irigasi Bersih, a communal movement led by Prof. Dr.Sigit Supadmo Aris, M.Sc from UGM. Today is an inspirational day that ASEC Founder and together with big partner, Rumah Mimpi can meet and get a discussion about what we can do to our earth by taking care on environment especially water. Could we live without water? Without rural area? without rice? That is why you should take a look this encouraging movement Gerakan Irigasi Bersih. We wait for your comment and your great ideas in the comment box. Just comment? No of course! wait for the follow up. ASEC is a never stop movement 🙂 It is a great idea to move in the fresh air while you get many social, economic, etc benefits, right?



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