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A New ASEC Platform

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We always need innovation in supporting dream to becme true. We always force ourselves to do the best till the peak is reached. We never know that there is always a lesson on every problem and side by side with diamond of solution. Here, ASEC (Actual Smile English Club) has strong commitment to invite everyYOUNG to join and bepart of us. Since September 29, 2011 we have strong willingness to make affordable high quality education. You from urban or rural are the same, have right to develop and increaseyour knowledge. Indonesia is a big country with invaluable youths. You, yes you! ASEC is you.

Let us telling you something. In this world, movement has always soul. ASEC’s soul is YOU! Why? because we facilitate everyYOUNG to contribute in a way he/she can. You just need to spreadthe info and inspire others. Let’s learn together.

ASEC now is indoing roadshow entitled “Roadshow SetengahDEWA Optimasi Mahasiswa” in Yogyakarta, September 5, 2015 (09-11 a.m) . Placed at Seminary Room, Floor 2, Central Library of UGM. We invite youngs to participate with 20k only with good quality of faclities. Did you know that we have picked one price before? 210k for each. It is a logical reason for making a high quality event. But then there is a dream to make it affordable. We force ourselves on team to get partners and we found YOU! Yes, YOU! Big thanks for partners in maiing now priced at 20k only! Do not let it go, grab it now. Invite more people to come.

How about YOU who can’t attend? ASEC deliver you our platform (hope this platform can be aninspiration because it is never done before). Join us on ASEC&RM Bro&Sis-ters. What’s that? We start from this roadshow, and will continue for handling the next forum. You can be our Brothers and Sisters by donating money to this event. Here is Indonesian version that you can share also to your friens and colleagues:


Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb.

Brothers&Sisters Mohon untuk berkenan meluangkan waktu. Semoga mas, mbak, kawan-kawan tertarik jadi ASEC&RM Bro&Sis-ters. Kami dlm misi transfer ilmu dgn lbh terjangkau ke pemuda. Utk kali ini kami menyelenggarakan Roadshow Setengah Dewa. Kami memberikan ruang bagi umum utk dpt menjadi donatur kegiatan. Adapun caranya cukup mencantumkan donasi dan konfirmasi ke CP kegiatan. Kami sangat menanti dukungan finansial Brothers&Sisters sekalian. Mengingat acara ini berlangsung tgal 5 sept, kami buka hingga tgal 2 sept jam 24.00. Be part of this movement. Big thanks.

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Nisa (0856-4302-4703)

No.Rek BNI 034-196-9556 a.n Hestyriani Anisa W.




Copy and paste, then spread. May Allah swt gives you something better and precious by your donation because you support many people to reach their dream through education. Again, we invite you to be part of us. Do not delay your choice. It you, It is now!

Big thank (ASEC’s way in saying Thank You)
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