[ASEC GO WRITING] The Advantages I got by Using Facebook


The Advantages I got by Using Facebook


By: Muhammad Shutalim

ASEC Member and Programme Volunteer

A lot of people now are becoming  more open than they were. Without we ask what they think , we can understand just by watching their status on Facebook. Some people feel  it could help them to socialize with the others. On the other side, people who have background in economic field maybe think Facebook as great marketing media hehehe that explains why MANY BLACKBARY and LAPTOP advertisement appearing abnormally on your wall . it’s just my assumption ho ho (n_n). So actually what is my point in this article?. In this occasion I just wanna share my point of view about the benefit of Facebook for student based on my own experience.

When talking about the benefits of Facebook it depends on who uses it and his background and interest or passion actually. For me as student having interest in some activities like foreign language club, it helps me a lot for finding everybody having same interest. I’ve big chance to talk directly by using Facebook facilities like chat and message than I should look for using other else program or media except SKYPE and TWITTER hahaha.

Facebook  sometimes has function as educational media just for example In my class, we often share information about the task given by lecturer so we are able to arrange that information as our wish.

Do you ever try to search information about scholarship on website or blog? On Facebook we are also able to find it, just join in special Facebook account for scholarship we want. This account makes the scholar hunter easier to find a chance in getting higher education access in easiest ways. Moreover, Facebook  seems able to strengthen communication between student and teacher or lecturer. In many cases, before Facebook appears, student should meet his lecturer in their office just for asking material that he doesn’t know. Yet, now student can ask the lecture every time and everywhere as long as both of them having and using Facebook.  Even many youth – based organizations easily hold some agenda in large scale to help student increasing their abilities and exploring their potential just by inviting them with using Facebook facilities.

So, based on my little experience by using Facebook I can assume that it helps  me more that what I ever think. That”s my story how about you?


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